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Cats looking for their forever home

Panther & Ro


 Age: 18 months & 4 months
Gender: male & female
Cats: yes
Dogs: no
Children : over 10 years old

Panther (18 months black male) and Ro (4 months b&w female) are a sweet pair of cats looking for a home together.
They love to play and enjoy each others company, often found cuddling up together asleep.

They have lived with other cats and could again with correct intros but not dogs.

They are both quite shy to begin with and find busy loud children worrying, so would like a quieter home without young kids.

They will leave us neutered, chipped, vet checked, flea and worm treated and with their 1st vaccine (2nd paid for if returning to our vets in Aylesbury)

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Kittens (general)

Kittens (general)

Kittens for adoption Aylesbury Buckinghamshire rescue

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Other Cats

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Kittens (general)

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