Fostering for the Cats Whiskers

What is fostering? 

When you foster, you take a homeless cat into your home and provide them with love, care and companionship until a permanent new home is found for them. If an animal requires medication or special attention, you may be asked to help but the rescue will cover any costs involved.  

Why foster for the Cats Whiskers?

 We pride ourselves in placing all the cats in our care into a loving foster environment. This is less stressful for most pet cats and allows the animal to be fully assessed within a home environment ensuring we seek a suitable forever home for them.  

We have a small but very dedicated team that work around the clock to support our network of fosterers, providing you with help and advice along the way. We also have a foster community on facebook where you can share thoughts and ideas with other foster carers and get to know them.

What do our fosters say? 

Check out these beautiful testimonials from our foster carers to give you an idea of what it’s really all about.


   “I’ve been fostering for The Cat’s Whiskers for nearly a year now, in that time I think I’ve had nearly 50 cats and kittens come through my door. Yes it can be challenging, but the hardest thing is not letting them go at the end, it’s hearing about the horrible places that they have come from. I’ve had cats that have been given up because, and I quote, they are just not pretty enough, they couldn’t be bothered to clean the litter tray anymore, they have suddenly developed a serious allergy which means if we don’t take their cat today they will have no other choice but to put them to sleep. I’ve had cats come in that have spent the last two months of their life living in a cold utility room as their owners had moved abroad, a mother who had been ripped from her babies far too early. I’ve cried when we’ve lost cats because it was just too late and no amount of love or care could save them. I’ve spent countless hours laying on the floor trying to coax a terrified cat out from under the bed, but there is no feeling like it when they hop onto your lap for the first time for cuddles. I get to spend my day watching kittens grow up and see each individual little personality come through. I get to experience the excitement of each new family that come through my door when they take their new addition home, that’s the best bit of fostering. We need more fosters as sadly there will always be an endless supply of cats that are desperately in need of our help.  It may sound a bit dramatic when we say fostering saves lives, but the truth is it really does.”


“It's rewarding and you no that these fur babies get taken care of in loving home until they can go to there forever home. If u wanna make a difference to a kitty's life this is the way to it.”


“… its rewarding knowing I make a difference and [I love] all the snugglez …Knowing I make a difference to a cats well being keeps me fostering… love and cuddles from the cats & getting to know some real characters [are my favourite parts of fostering] ”


 “I thought it would be difficult to say goodbye to a my foster cats, but actually the feeling of knowing that I have made a difference in preparing a scared cat for their forever home far outweighs any feelings of loss. My foster cats leaving for their forever home also creates space for me to help another cat on their journey to happiness.”

Become a foster carer

At the moment we have a particular need for foster homes that have no other pets or have a spare room in which foster cats can be separated and assessed. Is this you? then please get in touch