Updating your cat’s microchip


Registering a new chip

If you have adopted a cat from us that has newly had a Microchip implanted by our vet, you will need to register your details onto the Microchip.

Our vets use a company called Identibase to supply and register the chips they implant. You can find out how to register your details here:

My cat has a historic microchip

If your cat came to us with a microchip already implanted, you will need to contact the relevant database in order to update your details. 

If you are unsure which database holds your new cat’s details, you can enter the number here to find out:

Why should I keep my pets’ details up to date

If your cat is lost or stolen, microchipping can make all the difference. If your cat is found by someone or handed in to a vets, they can easily trace and identify you in order to reunite you with your beloved pet. Microchipping is safe and permanent.

We have a perfect example to give you. Some of you may remember shy little Coco, who managed to slip out of the door at his foster carers home last year. After 3 months and not receiving a single sighting, we had all but given up hope that we would ever find him again. 

By complete chance, one of our adopters began to feed a stray and build trust with him. Once close enough, she caught him and took him to the vets for microchip scanning. Low and behold, it’s our Coco!! The power of microchipping has finally reunited us with our long lost boy.

His foster mum was so pleased to have him back, she and her family have decided they couldn’t possibly part from Coco again and decided to offer him his forever home, where he is enjoying plenty of love and security, for possibly the first time in his life.

Don’t forget to update this every time your details change.